Ceiling Dryer Mount (K-9 III Variable Dryer)

Make your grooming time more pleasant for yourself and your customers!

If your grooming salon leaves you with a headache at the end of your shift or you're tired of tripping over your dryer and dryer cords, we can help. If you have a drop ceiling with either of the two most common size tiles (2'x2' or 2'x4'), you can mount your K9 III dryer above your ceiling. The result is less clutter in your work space and a dramatic reduction of noise.

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  • Reduce salon noise by up to 10 Db
  • Stop tripping on dryer cords
  • Clean up / free up work space

Key Features:

  • 2 size frames
  • Control wand for convenient speed adjustments
  • Robust, welded aluminum frame
  • Built-in tether safety feature
Dryer Mount Pricing
Part Number Product Name / Description Price
025-0000-1389-00 Ceiling Mount Assembly 2' x 4', K9 111 Variable Speed Dryer $399.00
025-0000-1389-01 Ceiling Mount Assembly 2' x 2', K9 111 Variable Speed Dryer $399.00

Prices are subject to changes. Please call to place an order, for price confirmation or with any questions.


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