Dog Door Weather Flaps

Smooth Transitions For Your Dog Doors

Dog Door with Weather Flaps
Dog Door with Weather Flaps.
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Dog Door Weather Flaps are the perfect solution to keep wet weather outside. Dogs and easily push through the flat to enter when it's raining. Flap drop shut behind them leaving the rain or snow outside. The insdie door stays open allowing your dogs to go in and out freely.


  • Our 3-flap weather system delivers more energy efficieny than single-flap systems.
  • Designed for use with Stone Mountain Pet Products Metal Dog Door Wall Insert but will work with other doors
  • Soft, flexible flap is strong and durable enough to endure regular, daily use in your facility
  • Easily mount weather door flaps using three (3) mounting holes
  • Available in standard and oversized
Dog Door with Weather Flaps
Outside view of Dog Door with Weather Flaps. Shows scale next to full size door and OMNI pull for Doggy Door.
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weather flaps
View from top view of weather flaps on door.
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weather flaps
Close up view of weather flaps easy install screws.
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weather flaps full view
Full view of weather flaps over dog door.
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Dog Door Weather Flaps Drawing.
Dog Door Wall Insert Installation Drawing.
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Simple Install Hardware for Doggy Door Weather Flaps.
Dog Door Wall Insert Measurements Drawing.
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Category / Part NumberProduct Name / Description Product Price*
025-0000-1253-00Weather Flaps, Doggie Door$109.00
025-0000-1253-02Weather Flaps, Oversize Doggie Door$123.45
025-0000-1253-01Replacement Weather Flaps, Doggie Door$89.09
025-0000-1253-03Replacement Weather Flaps, Oversize Doggie Door$101.00

Prices are subject to changes. Please call to place an order, for price confirmation or with any questions.


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